Monday, December 5, 2016

Starting a new life in the USA

Monday November 28th my life abroad ended.  In March I stopped teaching in Korea. Went back to the US, traveled a bit there, then mid April I went to Spain to start my trip around the world. I went to 10 countries: Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Myanmar, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea.  That trip ended Monday.  By Friday I had started working again, making jewelry at my friends jewelry store in Iowa.  I wanted some more time before I started working, but I'm glad I have a job.

Being back I feel....awful.  I enjoyed my life in Korea, and my life while I was traveling.  And now my life is so different.  I feel like I woke up from a nice dream and now I'm in Iowa and all my friends, and the rest of the world are a million miles away.

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