Friday, March 28, 2014

New city, new job

March 6th I moved to a new apartment in Yongin and started working at a middle school the next day.  So far I like middle school much better than elementary school.  I'm teaching 1st and 2nd grades of middle school, which correspond to 7th and 8th grades in the US.  Classes here are pretty big, around 36-39 students per class.  There are 11 1st grade and 11 2nd grade classes that I see once a week, so I teach a total of at least 792 different students each week.  I also have a 90 minute after school class I teach on Mondays.

Yongin is a pretty large city, but I'm living in the more rural southern end of it.  Still it's only about an hour to get to Seoul by bus.  

Below are pics of my school, apartment and neighborhood:

Desk at school:

English classroom.  I teach all of my classes here.  

English classroom:

 P.E. class.  The weather is getting nice:


 On the way to school.  It's about a 15 minute walk.


Foggy morning:
 Going home:

My home:

Dunjeon Station on the Yongin Everline.  It's just a few minutes from my place, but not a very fast way to get to Seoul.  The bus is faster.   It's better for getting to other places in Yongin, Suwon, or Seongnam.

 Little trains on the Everline:

Random stuff near my home:

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