Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I had to break up a fight between two girls at the start of second period today. When I came in the classroom the boys told me there was a fight. I couldn't see it cause the girls were all huddled in the corner around the two that were fighting. I'm not sure how long it had been going on. After I got through some of the spectators I couldn't even tell what was going on since it was just a mess of black hair. It seemed the two fighters and the one or two people trying to separate them were all pulling each others hair. Both fighters left crying.

This was the second fight I have broken up since I came here. The first one was between two boys, I came in the classroom and stopped them just as it was getting started. They had just started pushing each other and one punch was thrown before I yelled at them and they stopped.

Another time I interrupted either the start of a fight or bullying. I came in the room and heard a slap, but didn't see what happened. One boy was staring aggressively towards another boy who seemed to want to leave. Everyone just kind of acted like nothing was happening when I came in the room.

I am surprised I haven't seem more fights here. I wouldn't mind seeing more fights, but I suppose I must stop them instead of watching.

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