Monday, May 3, 2010

first two weeks and my first day teaching

It's been two weeks since I got here. I haven't done much so far. There hasn't been much to write about and I haven't felt much like writing cause I am kind of stressed from this new environment and new job.

My first week here I did some things with my co teacher to get settled, like getting a cell phone, getting internet hooked up at my apt, and getting a drug and health check for my job. Then I went to a 3 day orientation in Anseong.

The next week I didn't teach. I was supposed to make lesson plans and get ready to teach. I did some more stuff like applying for my alien registration card.

Today was my first day teaching. The first class I taught was really difficult. They have the lowest English level in the school and no interest in learning. The next two classes I taught were much better. The students had better English and much more interest in the class.

There's no school Wednesday because it's Children's Day. I also have the next Wednesday off because its the anniversary of the founding of the school. The week after that I have Friday off for Buddha's Birthday. I like being eased into the new job with all these 4 day weeks.

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