Sunday, February 1, 2015

Back from the US

I was in the US Jan 20th - 30th.  I got back to Korea Sunday morning around 5:00 am and was home by about 8:30am.  I flew from Chicago to Hong Kong, spent a few hours at the airport, then flew to Seoul.  Whole thing was about 24 hours of travel, not including the time going to and from the airports.  I didn't sleep well during any of that time, so when I got home Sunday morning I spent most of the day sleeping. 

My trip wasn't very good.  I never really got over my jet lag and I didn't have much time to just relax.  I was too busy meeting friends, shopping and doing some other things I wanted to do while I was there. 

I brought two 50 lb suit cases full of things I don't need back to the US, but looking at my apartment it still seems pretty full. 

Today I'm at school and don't have much to do here.  Tomorrow classes start.  We will have 2 weeks of classes then more vacation time before the 2015 school year starts. 

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