Tuesday, December 30, 2014

One more year in Korea

Winter is the most stressful time for me here in Korea because that's when I find out if I can stay at my job another year or not.  Twice I have lost my job because of the budget, so then there is the stress of trying to find a new job.

I like this school and recently found out that they will have money in the budget for me next year and I can stay another year.  I'm so glad.

I am planning on this being my last year in Korea.  I liked living here much better than I ever imagined and stayed much longer than I planned when I first decided to come to Korea.  But I'm sick of the stress every year wondering if I will have a job the next year, and getting a little sick of teaching kids.  I also feel that it's about time to move on and get back to my metal work. 

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