Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer camp

I'm almost finished with my first week of summer camp.  They call it "camp" but it's really just a class.  This week I have the 1st grade class (middle school 1st grade = 7th grade in the US) which I am teaching alone.  So far this is the best camp I have ever had.  It starts at 1:30 pm, rather than in the morning, which is nice.  I also have a good group of students.  The 1st graders are mostly well behaved, and the ones in this summer class have above average English. The best thing about this camp was my co teacher told me how he wanted it to be.  He told me exactly how much time he wanted me to spend on games, activities and studying, so it was easy for me to plan. 

Next week is 2nd grade which I will teach with my co teacher. The day after it ends I will go to Japan. 

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