Wednesday, July 3, 2013

this year, last year and this blog

My time in Korea goes by so quickly.  I'm already 4 months into my 3rd year here.  My original plan was to stay here 1 year, maybe 2.  I didn't think I would like it so much.

My year in Pyeongtaek was great.  I was pretty busy.  I usually hate being busy, but I was busy doing things I wanted to do, so that was ok, except sometimes I was really tired.  My school was good and I liked most of the students well enough.  I couldn't stay a second year because they didn't have money for a foreign teacher.

I'm teaching at an elementary school in Hanam now.  Hanam is much better than the previous two cities I lived in.  The city isn't that different, but it's much closer to Seoul and has buses running to and from Seoul till late.

Teaching elementary school is very different from teaching high school.  In some ways it's better, in some ways it's worse.

I'm busier at school this year than I was last year because I teach more classes and I have to do more lesson planning each week.  It has affected my Korean study and my jewelry design.  I don't have much free time at work like I did at my last two jobs and in the evening I am usually tired.

I'm disappointed in myself for not keeping this blog updated.  But it's just not something I feel much like doing.  It's easy to keep posting things if I both have something to say and a lot of free time.  But like I said earlier, I have been busy.  I also don't have much to say, at least nothing interesting.  I am generally happy with my life here, I just don't have much I want to say about it here.

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