Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Studying Korean for 1 year

It's now been 1 year since I really started studying Korean regularly and keeping track of what I am doing.  I first started in fall 2009, but I was just studying on and off and it was poorly organized, so I really only consider myself to have started 1 year ago.  My study has been almost entirely on my own.  I haven't taken any classes, or had any tutors, but there are people I ask questions and practice talking with.  I'm disappointed in my abilities after 1 year, but I spent a lot of time trying different ways to study, different books, websites, etc, trying to figure out what's best.  Most of my study has been reading and writing, and talking to friends through Kakao Talk (which is hugely popular in Korea), so my reading and writing skills are so much better than my speaking and listening, which are terrible.  Recently I started meeting a language exchange partner to practice the speaking and listening. It sucks I mostly wasted my first year in Korea not studying much, but it keeps me motivated to study cause I don't want to waste another year. 

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