Friday, September 17, 2010

this semester

Wednesday was my birthday. I went out with some co-workers for dinner. Each year I feel worse about getting older.

This semester I am busier that last semester. I teach 20 classes per week. They can give me up to 22 classes per week. Last semester I was scheduled for 19, but I only had 14 real classes. Four of those classes were classes for the teachers who wanted to take them, but only about 6 teachers wanted to go to the class, and only two of those scheduled classes had teachers showing up regularly. One of my classes was just a weekly meeting with the English teachers if they wanted to talk to me about something. Usually I only talked with one guy about lesson plans for 10-20 minutes.

So I had a lot of free time to sit at my desk and do what I wanted. It was nice. The only good thing about teaching more classes is the days go by faster.

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