Monday, June 28, 2010

trying to control my class pt. 1

The English classes are divided up according to ability. The lowest level classes have no interest in learning English. So most of the students in the low level classes would rather sleep, or talk to each other during class. Even a lot of the ones who are awake and paying attention still don't want to participate in class.

Last week one of my low level classes would not participate at all. I was trying to get them to repeat what I was saying. They understand "repeat after me," but they wouldn't do it. The Korean teacher told them to repeat, but only a few did. When I told them again, they didn't do anything. I had the Korean teacher ask them if they understand "repeat after me." They did. After a few more tries I made them all get on the floor and do push ups. They hate push ups. After making them do some I asked if they wanted to do more push ups or participate in class. They said they wanted to do class. They were a little better after that. That was the second time I have made a class do push ups cause they would not listen. I kind of enjoy making them do push ups.

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